Before, during, or after the deal has been struck, Financial Valuation Services’ professionals provide independent valuation and financial consulting services to ensure that your best interests are served.

Strategic planning in connection with a merger, an acquisition, or an exit from a business calls for an independent assessment of value. With clear understanding and informed expectations, you will be better armed to make the correct decisions to maximize shareholder value.

Shareholders, directors, and fiduciaries often require an independent opinion to verify that the deal they have struck is fair from a financial point of view. Our experienced valuation professionals can provide such an opinion and the confidence you have made the correct decisions.

Our valuation services include:

Bankruptcy: Tangible or intangible valuations for sound decision-making. High-quality, supportable valuation analyses that are relevant for companies facing reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy or emergence from bankruptcy.

Disputes: Financial consulting, litigation support and expert testimony to reach resolution. Case assessment strategy development, supportable expert report preparation, settlement negotiation and alternative dispute resolution assistance, and gathering of economic evidence to support testifying at trial.

Financial reporting: Full range of fair value valuation services to satisfy the scrutiny of auditors, other regulatory bodies. Comprehensive technical accounting and valuation knowledge improves the transparency, timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting requirements to comply with standards and regulatory scrutiny.

Tax valuation: Valuation of assets involved in tax disputes and transactions – a critical component of tax planning. Formulate optimal tax compliance and planning strategies – a business valuation across a company’s entire capital structure, including common shares, must be robust and comprehensive to meet regulatory guidelines.

Transactional analysis: Full range of integrated services focused on complex financial instruments and valuation  asset allocations. Supporting clients from early stages of a transaction, through the ongoing impairment testing of acquired assets, and beyond with a focus on M&A transactions, distributions, liquidations, reorganizations, bankruptcies, spin-offs, or taxable sales of stock or assets.