Our audit teams provide you with an efficient and coordinated audit of your business. Our sophisticated audit techniques equip us to provide a robust and highly respected opinion on the quality of financial information.

But as business grows more complex, and the speed of change increases, our clients look for more from their advisors. We have developed our assurance services to meet our clients’ changing business needs and growing expectations

Our Services

The services we regularly offer within our Assurance Services division are conducted according to International and Vietnamese Standards on Auditing and include:

1. Financial statement audits:

Includes audits of statutory financial statements, consolidated financial statements and group reporting packages

Our audits involve the following stages:

  • Gaining an understanding of your activities, the surrounding business risks and how you, the management, control and manage the operations;
  • Understanding the transactions cycle, for example revenue transactions and purchases/payments;
  • Developing our audit approach; and
  • Undertaking substantive tests of balances.

Our methodology focuses on the way your business works. We design a customized audit plan that concentrates on the business areas that are significant to your financial statements and that are critical to your risk profile.

2. Financial statement compilations:

Based on your company’s general ledger balances, we can prepare financial statements presented in accordance with IFRSs, US GAAP or other reporting systems. We include detailed worksheets to show the composition of assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expense items. The compilation reports prepared as deliverables are useful for understanding a company’s financial position based on international accounting regimes and to quantify the differences between accounts prepared in accordance with those regimes and accounts prepared in accordance with the Vietnamese Accounting System.

3. Review and agreed-upon procedures engagements

Reviews entail a limited scope review of financial information and the issuance of a review report.Agreed-upon procedures are undertaken for special purposes, sometimes as part of acquisition due diligence. Our deliverable is a factual report of findings.